DSBS becomes Part of Councilwoman Helen Diane Foster’s 2008 Capital Budget for District 16, Community Board 4, Bronx New York

Early on 16th District Councilwoman Helen Diane Foster’s office has supported Dred Scott Bird Sanctuary’s mission and recognized DSBS as an important part of the community betterment project. Our recent receipt of Capital Budget funds for 2008 allows Dred Scott Bird Sanctuary to provide a safe and aesthetic space in which to further its education goals.  This includes the necessary renovation of DSBS including the installation of walking paths, benches, fencing and a learning facility.

Summer Education Workshops focus on Conservation in an Urban Environment

The summer educational program at Dred Scott Bird Sanctuary will educate youth to the natural partnership we hold with green spaces in our growing environment.  Our programs enlighten the community to the responsibility we play in preserving these areas for future generations.  Students at DSBS will engage in a number of exploratory workshop activities educating them to the world of trees, plants and insects and the special existence we share with living things.  Students will observe wild birds in their natural environment and share their observations.  Students will go on field trips to learn about environmental issues: pollution, recycling and the communal responsibility we have toward maintaining balance in our environment in the wake of global warming. 


Read how Dred Scott Bird Sanctuary is affecting the future design of NYC ‘s parks.

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Hours of Operation
Visit us Monday thru Friday 4PM to 6 PM
And by Appointment

During the year, especially in the winter months, DSBS provides hundreds of pounds of bird seed to the migrating bird population that pass over Dred Scott Bird Sanctuary and to the birds that make their home here. Dred Scott Bird Sanctuary operates its educational program during the summer months and two days during the winter school break in New York City. 

Rules of Conduct for Visitors to DSBS

Respect Yourself and Others

  • Keep DSBS clean Use the trash receptacles
  • Please watch your little ones- do not run or walk over plants and flowers
  • Alcoholic beverage is not permitted

DSBS is a not for profit organization dedicated to help aid the migrating bird population over our (part, of North America. We are committed to educating youth about their role in maintaining green spaces.


we were here when green was a color…
now it’s a way of life
thank you from those at dred scott bird sanctuary

Help us light a candle in the imagination of many.


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